Offline Marketing


For as long as there is print, there will be print advertising. And in fact, given the overload of information and ‘noise’ in online communication, a good old print ad can really go the distance in getting the attention it deserves. It is now almost refreshing to take our eyes away from a screen and browse printed publications – and this positive vibe will rub off on your business advert and offering, given it is the right person seeing it.


On the page – your advert will not pop up, or move, or continually try to divert the reader’s attention. It will get attention just by its very being. A bold blend of clever design and a clear, compelling message.


Clockwise can help with all your advertising needs, whether it’s a one-off advert, or an advertising campaign across different media and channels. We offer:

  • Strategic and creative solutions for your advertising
  • Media planning and buying
  • Managing your advertising schedule
  • Meeting print deadlines and artwork requirements
  • Media relations and negotiations