Communications Strategy

A communications strategy is designed to help you and your business to communicate your brand effectively and meet core business objectives. Where a marketing strategy will focus on the marketplace and how to position your brand using various channels and content, a communications strategy will focus on your messages to your range of stakeholders and creating and maintaining the corporate image you want.

Many people like to get straight to the planning – as it is plans that drive the delivery of campaigns and projects. However, creating a strategic overview should not be seen as an unnecessary burden.

Communication strategies can:

  • provide a link between business objectives and communications planning and delivery
  • help explain to policy and delivery colleagues how communications will support departmental objectives, and which strategic choices have been taken and why
  • build common understanding of audiences and priorities across a communications division
  • create continuity in communications activity over an extended period (especially when there is high staff turnover)
  • articulate objectives and measures of success when building a case for resources or evaluating performance
  • explore and mitigate communications risks


Clockwise can help you to create and develop your communications with:

  • Communications Workshops
  • Communications Strategy
  • Brand and Communication Guidelines
  • Tone of Voice Guidelines