Offline Marketing

Direct Mail Campaigns


Whether you’re using direct mail to cross sell to your existing customers, or using it to promote your products and services to potential users, it can be a useful marketing channel for communicating your business offering and providing a strong call to action.


There are two essential elements to your direct mail. It’s not just about what you are sending out – but who you are sending it to. It’s about pairing the two together. If you segment your audience according to what their problems are and how your product or service will help, or according to specific buying habits or profiles – and then target your communications to them, through relevant and thought provoking messages and clever design – this blend will allow for optimum results.


Clockwise can help fulfil your direct mail needs. We consider:

  • Your target audience
  • Your key messages
  • Your actual data and other data needs
  • Design and Creative for your direct mail pieces
  • Print and Production
  • Distribution