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If email marketing is not already part of your Marketing strategy – it probably should be. Email is the world’s most dominant communication channel, and by 2019 – email is expected to reach 90.9% of those online.* Coupled with high reach, email marketing is proving to be the most profitable channel for business in terms of conversions.

Effective email marketing comes in all forms, such as newsletters, offers and promotions, announcements, events and surveys.

But the success of your email marketing campaigns is very much dependant on the quality of your data. So how can you build and maintain a healthy Marketing list?

You will already have a certain amount of contact data – and for the purposes of marketing, you will be looking to grow and continually enhance your data, with the primary objective of converting prospects to clients.

A good CRM system will help you to manage and organise your prospects, and your clients – as well as their marketing preferences. Some CRM systems also offer integrated email marketing platforms, so you can easily dovetail contact management with email marketing.

In terms of adding to your current data you can look to either:

  • Purchase cold data from a list broker and have a dedicated person to own and nurture the contact, and manage their marketing preferences.
  • Organically grow your own data, by capturing data from your website visitors. You can do this by using pop ups, asking visitors to enter their details in return for valuable downloadable content. Or you can sign up to a company offering IP tracking to see who your visitors are.

The latter is by far the best option for data accuracy and quality, mainly because you know the lead has already been looking for your product or service. However, this approach is likely to require a higher level of initial investment.

Clockwise can help to plan and implement your email marketing so that you can reap the rewards from targeted email communications.  We create compelling email campaigns with a strong call to action, and measure the results for insight to future campaigns.

*Source: www.campaignmonitor.com


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