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Creative Communications

Clockwise have been making brands work harder since 1995 with original and powerful logo design, and brand guidelines for consistency in application. Our creative will work hard to make your brief a reality.


No matter how large or small your organisation is, your brand is sacred. It is your organisation’s identity, a consistently recognisable set of values that instantly links any communication back to your business. It is a name, a logo, a tone of voice, a colour palette, a font, a style of photography or illustration, a design template, a paper stock, a print style, a jingle.

Your brand guidelines will define all these values in a document that you can hand out to agencies, printers, internal staff – anyone who has a hand in presenting your brand to your key audiences – and it ensures consistency across all your communications. Why is this important? Because consistency reinforces the strength of your brand. And by the same token, inconsistency weakens it. Imagine if Tom Jones sang each song in a different voice. No consistency, equals no recognition, equals no brand.

Consistency breeds strength

So your brand guidelines are sacrosanct and should be protected from potential violations. Enter the brand guardian. Put simply, a brand guardian ensures that the brand values are adhered to at all times. Every organisation should have one – at least one, starting with the CEO. And it shouldn’t stop there. Just as your brand guidelines are given to your agency to facilitate a shared understanding of what the brand is, responsibility for protecting those guidelines should be shared with your agency too.

While consistency is key, that doesn’t mean your brand guidelines shouldn’t evolve. They should. A key role of all brand guardians is to oversee that evolution and make sure the changes are applied across the board.

Developing and safeguarding your brand

At Clockwise we assign a brand guardian to every brand that we work on. As well as ensuring that everything we do is bang on brand, this also has the benefit of maintaining consistency during transitions on the client side.

We’ve had new clients come to us following a complete change of personnel. They have a five-year-old version of the company’s brand guidelines that bears little or no relation to recent marketing communications. Clearly the brand guidelines have evolved yet nobody knows how. We have to start again from scratch, but when subsequent changes take place on the client side, we are able to bridge the gap and ensure that the brand is not compromised.

Print Design

Print design was where it all began for Clockwise and we have project managed all types of printed media projects and campaigns from the planning stages to the creative design and copy, print production and distribution. We like to look at your marketing holistically and to understand how your printed marketing works with your online marketing so that we can optimise results. We can also ensure consistent brand identity across both mediums – including getting print colours accurate across all your printed collateral and onscreen exposure.

Content Creation

The creation of engaging and inspiring copy is paramount to marketing success. A great piece of design work can speak volumes without words – but marketing messages are often complex and campaigns need creative and effective copy to make them work. Clockwise can help with all your copywriting, editing and proofreading needs, for traditional printed media and for your digital marketing and social media.