Strategic Planning

The process of strategic planning should be set and embedded into your organisation’s operational practice – from the overarching Corporate strategy, to the individual departmental strategies. It’s important that strategic planning becomes a mindset, that working to and measuring against set objectives is a norm. Your strategies will vary in focussed content and level of financial objectives, but they should all follow a similar framework.

At Clockwise we follow PR Smith’s SOSTAC marketing planning model in all our strategy work: It is an acronym for six fundamental facets of marketing: situation, objectives, strategy, tactics, action and control.

Our strategic planning includes:

  • Statement of purpose, mission statement
  • Current situation analysis, including a PEST, SWOT and competitor analysis
  • Objectives – SMART
  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Messaging to target audiences
  • Key tools, methods and channels
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Measuring success

A Marketing Strategy should ideally include or work alongside the following:

Clockwise can work with you to produce your marketing strategy, or simply focus on a specific strategic area of your marketing. Then we can move entire projects and campaigns forward and implement the activity in your plans and schedule.