A 4-day week and productivity

August 15, 2019
August 15, 2019 Simon Ellis

Time management is a perennial challenge for businesses and employees. How can you increase productivity without chaining your staff to the wheel and beating them with whips? Well, we’ve found a way.

A few months ago we took the decision to go to a four-day week. We reorganised our working hours from five days into four longer days and split the team into four-day shifts, Monday to Thursday and Tuesday to Friday, so we are covered five days a week.

The obvious incentive was a three-day weekend. A day’s less battling with the Reigate traffic was appealing too. The great unknown was how the longer hours would affect energy and the quality of work.

So how has it panned out?

Well, the three-day weekends are going down a storm. We’re getting more rest, feeling more relaxed and coming back to work with increased vigour.

The commute is a big plus too. Not only are we saving a day on the roads – Extinction Rebellion take note – but the earlier arrival and later departure mean we’re missing the worst of the traffic.

Concerns about the longer hours have proven unfounded. We’re actually feeling that we have more time to get our teeth into a job and get more from each day. The effect on productivity and the standard of work has been positive.

So if you’ve been considering a shift in the structure of your working week, we would say go for it – it works. And if you want to discuss it with us before taking the plunge, please get in touch.

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