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Our Approach

Less pressure, more pleasure


Clockwise can work as an extension to your current marketing team to deliver your marketing solutions and campaigns.  Alternatively we can manage your marketing more thoroughly and independently, with input from a decision maker along the way.

How we do things

Our starting point is familiarising ourselves with business strategy and strategic marketing initiatives – so we are always meeting objectives and KPIs. We appreciate that, whatever amount of creative genius may go into it, business to business marketing boils down to turning a financial investment into a bigger financial return – and we never forget that you are responsible for that investment. So we make it our business to ensure that everything we do, every piece of creative, every strategic plan, is driven by the need to deliver the biggest possible return.

Our team are all involved in your project for optimum creative input, but you will work directly with one or two individuals to minimise your admin time. We look to build a relationship with you that is built on trust, mutual respect and understanding. This enables us to work on multiple projects without the need for constant input and over complicated briefs.

Simplicity, structure and clear communication are at the heart of all our work. We always begin with the message and make sure that everything we produce communicates exactly what you want to say as creatively and efficiently as possible.

Our project management system allows us to upload and share files, set up schedules and milestones and identify risks, and our costs and time spent on projects is transparent and to expectation.

The measure of our success is your success. At the end of every project, therefore, we will send you a brief questionnaire that gives you the chance to tell us how well our worked performed for you, as well as how much you enjoyed working with us.

Our Briefing Document

Writing a good brief is the best way to ensure that you get the result you need. We’ve created an online form to help you through the process, but we don’t just leave it up to you. We will work with you to ensure that your brief gives us a complete understanding of your aims and expectations.

Fill in our online briefing form and get your project off to a flying start.

Our Processes

There are two key processes that all marketers expect from their agency: thought and creative. In return the agency looks to the client for arguably the most important process of all: decision-making. For these cerebral processes to yield the best results, it’s important that they are not intruded upon by the nuts and bolts work of putting your campaigns together. We achieve this by setting out the steps to follow and the procedures that need to be completed at every step in a definitive process document, which we share with our clients.