Everything You Need to Know About Our Ultimate Marketing Manager Service

February 23, 2022
February 23, 2022 Deimante Lideikyte

With Ultimate Marketing Manager you get not one, not two but several heads all in one – adding up to a combined 150 years of experience covering the very latest B2B and B2C marketing. We dare you to try and find something better – we’ll wait. 

Our dedicated Marketing Manager service offers extensive experience and a comprehensive range of skills at a price that scales with your marketing requirement and budget. Save on the costs of recruiting, training and the associated expenses of employing an individual, and put your budget into the delivery of a marketing service that no individual could match. 

The ultimate combination of your very own marketing manager with the advantages of a whole marketing team means that you get to save your money and time whilst having a variety of marketers bringing you a range of different experience, skills, flexibility, and capacity. 

What’s the catch? 

There is none. Two heads are always better than one. But in this case, you get even more! More industry experience, more people working on the account and more brainstorming power – all available for you to make the most of.

With our Ultimate Marketing Manager service, we don’t just offer insights and ideas, we also take extra care of the implementation too. We can help you build your brand, generate leads and sales, create eye-catching content, increase brand awareness and help your business flourish. 

Yes, we’re offering experience AND skill – with our Ultimate Marketing Manager you get a well thought-out marketing strategy and intensive planning process, digital marketing experience, sales support, brand building, and account-based marketing. 

Let’s break it down…

Marketing Strategy and Planning 

Within your marketing strategy  and plan you will receive an intensive review of the current market, competitor research, SWOT analysis, strategic thinking and planning and proposed budgeting in place. During this process, we work closely with you to help develop a strong marketing strategy and ensure that your business goals are reached. 

Sales Support

Our sales support will ensure that you are connected, engaged and supported throughout your social selling (using your social media platforms to connect and engage with prospects). We would review and improve your LinkedIn profile, provide LinkedIn training, optimising your profile, help with content management and posting, and produce monthly reports. 

Digital Marketing Expertise 

The team’s extensive industry experience will provide you with digital marketing expertise on thought leadership and insight on how to place yourself as a leader within the industry. We would also provide you with branded slide decks, case studies, sales sheets and proposal templates – ensuring that your branding is consistent. 

Account-Based Marketing Expertise 

Through account-based marketing we will be able to identify new potential key accounts which will, in turn, help us develop strong campaigns and content that your audience will value and engage with. We prepare monthly reporting and monitoring to ensure that your goals are met and that our efforts are paying off, making adjustments and providing solutions accordingly. 

Brand Building 

Collectively we will work on a contingent plan to build your brand and increase awareness within your target market. Our team of digital experts will be able to improve your website, making it consistent with your branding and more user friendly. We would also support your efforts through exhibitions, advertising, roadshows and help create engaging and visually attractive video content. 

All things considered…

All in all our Ultimate Marketing Manager service is the perfect solution to advance your marketing strategy and generate results. The ultimate combination of your very own marketing manager with the advantages of a whole marketing team means that you get to save your money and time whilst having a variety of marketers bringing you:

  • Experience 
  • Skills
  • Flexibility
  • Capacity

Gone are the days where you have to spend your time searching for and selecting potential candidates and then  training your talent once you’ve done so. Instead, save on time and start your marketing journey right now with not one, but a whole team of skilled professionals, dedicated to helping you grow your business and connect with your future customers.

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