C is for Content

October 23, 2019 Simon Ellis

Lovely word ‘content’. It means happy, satisfied. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

However, for many businesses the pressure to generate marketing content has left them far from content. You’ve spent the last 50 years making ball bearings and suddenly you find yourself having to double up as a publisher, knocking out articles and videos every week. Talk about stressful!

So how do you do content marketing without going mad (or, as usually happens, giving up after a couple of months, leaving your blog and social media platforms looking like the abandoned city of Pripyat)? Follow the 3Ps: Plan. Plan. Plan. Whether you want to do articles, videos, pictures, podcasts or whatever, plot out at least three months’ worth, schedule them and produce them in advance. That’s what publishers do.

For true contentment, outsource your content to Clockwise.

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