E is for Evangelism Marketing

November 6, 2019
November 6, 2019 Simon Ellis

So what if you could get your customers to love your brand or services so much that they preach its brilliance from the hilltops?

The word Evangelism means spreading the good news by public preaching or personal witness. It brings to mind a charismatic preacher at the head of a large congregation. Swap the preacher for a business leader or influencer and you’ve got a great B2B marketing strategy.

This is word-of-mouth marketing on steroids in which your customer becomes an advocate of your brand. It’s all about how you give your products or services that charisma that compels other businesses to shout about it, eg great design (Apple), a brilliant idea (Airbnb), noble values (Children in Need), etc. In short, talking about what you do needs to make them look good (cool, innovative, noble). Obviously these are top drawer examples, but it works at a local level too, within specific business networks. Do something different and good and people like to share the news, especially in this social media age.

If you can achieve this, it will be because:

  • You have a fantastic product or service you believe in
  • You have created a great brand and story customers can get behind
  • You have fantastic marketing creative campaigns

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