G is for Guerrilla

November 19, 2019
November 19, 2019 Simon Ellis

The word ‘guerrilla’ is Spanish for ‘little war’ and was coined as a label for small fighting forces that used unconventional tactics, often in opposition to larger, state armies.

Guerrilla marketing takes the surprise element but not the violent element, to create an unforgettable impression, usually in the live arena. Typical examples are flash mobs, pop-ups and fake demos, but the theatre for guerrilla marketing can cover online too. Social media is the perfect environment for seeding messages that your audience then pick up and broadcast for you.

The anarchic nature of guerrilla marketing has made it more of a B2C than a B2B tactic, but that means the potential is much greater in the B2B sphere. Your customers are human, after all, and their emotional response is what you’re after with all your marketing. Got a conference or expo coming up? Think how you can use that stage to make a splash.

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