H is for H2H

November 27, 2019
November 27, 2019 Simon Ellis

Forget B2C and B2B, the only way to market your business is H2H. That’s human to human, in case you haven’t heard, and there’s a very good reason for thinking about your marketing in this way.

It’s all too common for marketing, especially B2B marketing, to run scared of portraying any personality; to eschew humour for fear of appearing frivolous; to hide humanity behind a mask of invulnerability. The result is bland, impersonal, cold, detached work that bores your audience from the first glance.

The driving principle behind H2H is that every buying decision comes down to the will of a human being. It’s an emotionally driven process, so you need to grab hold of those emotions and turn them in your favour. That requires charm, intelligence, creativity, wit and courage. Call your marketing strategy B2B and you’re likely to forget these principles. Call it H2H and you have a constant reminder. People buy people.

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