Internal Comms – Are Your Staff on Board?

November 10, 2020
November 10, 2020 Nick Meese

For a team to work successfully, everyone has to be dedicated to pulling in the right direction. And nowhere could that be truer than in a business. After all, it is your people that make your business what it is, so ensuring effective internal communication is beneficial all-round. Here’s why:

Keeping your team involved generates investment

People like to know what’s going on in the circles in which they work. Nobody wants to read company updates for the first time on social media. Keeping employees in the loop on information, such as significant business changes, policy updates and new initiatives, will help them feel a real part of the business and invested in its future.

Fostering a positive company culture

Internal communications should bring your team together; celebrating successes, generating positivity and motivating employees in the journey forward. It should echo your company values and put into practice the external messages on your brand ethos.

Valuing the voice of your employees

Few people like to work under a dictatorship, where communication of information is one-way, and there is no room for different perspectives, creativity or pushback. Creating internal communication that provides a space for staff to voice opinions demonstrates that your company values its team’s ideas.

Feedback for improvement

Having internal comms, where employees can share their feedback, is equally valuable for company growth. New ideas and improvements come from collaboration. Your staff are a fantastic resource. They know the company well and are likely to be interacting with your customers more closely than the management team. Being open to their ideas is an excellent opportunity for business improvement.

Honesty is the best policy

Transparency is particularly important when communicating company difficulties. Whether it’s restructuring or redundancies, delivering bad news is never easy. However, being open and not leaving employees in the dark, worrying about the effect on their job, will lead to a better response. And even if difficult, the company will be respected for its honesty.

Internal comms should be a two-way process; one where ideas and opinions from each side are valued. If this strategy is implemented effectively, your team will be filled with dedicated individuals, all working towards the same goal of business improvement.

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