Is Your Marketing Making Way for the Next Generation?

October 13, 2020 Simon Ellis

This year, Generation Z (currently aged 13-24 years) makes up 40% of global consumers with a spending power of over $143 billion. A generation that never knew a time before the internet and is used to having information instantly available at their fingertips, catching their attention requires creative thinking and innovation. So, how can you adapt your marketing approach to maximise the opportunity with this target market?

Get visual!

Young adults that comprise Generation Z love their visual content. When surveyed, YouTube came out as their top preferred platform (85%), with Instagram (72%) and Snapchat (69%) following closely behind. And with 45% of teens claiming to be online constantly (a figure which has doubled in the last three years), this is the place to find them.

Be quick to catch their attention.

Known as the generation with a short attention span, it is estimated that you have around 8 seconds to catch the attention of Generation Z. Be innovative and stand out from the crowd or they’ll pass your content off as irrelevant.

Be authentic.

The younger generation will interact with a brand regularly and look to build long-term connections with those that support their ideals. Marketing should not just be transactional but take time to create an identity that has a story with real people behind it.

Anticipate the trends.

Generation Z is looking for new experiences; ones that they can share with their friends and across their own profiles. So, to engage with them, don’t look to keep up with the trends, be bold enough to create new ones.

Show respect for the planet.

Demonstrating sustainability and a commitment to looking after the environment will resonate with Generation Z. In a survey by Ipsos Mori, 41% of this age group selected climate change as the most important issue facing the world right now, with pollution (36%) also a significant concern.

So, step away from the traditional, and dare to be innovative and dynamic with your marketing strategies, creating real and experiential content to win the buy-in from Generation Z.

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