LinkedIn Social Selling: The New Era of Sales and Marketing

March 12, 2021 Johanna Andersson

LinkedIn provides a golden opportunity for businesses to enhance their marketing, create brand awareness and engage with other leaders within the business realm.

The “professional” Social Media platform creates the perfect environment for establishing your network as well as building your personal and company brand. In order to do so, it is important to strategically add value to your profile and grow a following of clients that recognise you and your company as leaders in your niched field and sector. When doing these things right, you’ll be able to explore the sales and networking opportunities that are available within LinkedIn and tap into the new era of sales and marketing. Sales are no longer about cold-selling but about LinkedIn social selling and to be a part of the game you need to build personal relationships and brands that people are drawn to.


Where to get started

Are your profile pics and bios up to date? Do have recommendations from past colleagues and employers? Are you followed by at least 500 people? If not, it’s time to up your game.

The following bullets are all important areas to keep in mind when taking on a LinkedIn “Social Selling Strategy”. Do you have what it takes to become a LinkedIn superstar?

LinkedIn company page: LinkedIn is not just another social media platform, it is also an effective tool for generating new business leads, nurturing relationships and a way to perceive your company as a trusted resource within your sector. Does your company have an active page?

Run or Participate in a LinkedIn poll: Boost engagement, start some topical conversations and tap into the collective knowledge of your connections by introducing polls to your timeline. This is also a great way to generate leads and collect market research.

An up-to-date LinkedIn CV: LinkedIn has become the playground of professionals. Ensuring that you have an up to date and professional LinkedIn CV allows others within your industry to find, engage and expand your network.

Spending at least 10 minutes every day on LinkedIn: No need to worry about your weekly screen time if your thumbs are scrolling through LinkedIn, this is a great way to engage with others posts and stay up to date with the latest industry news and trends. We recommend spending 10-15 minutes every morning to take care of your “LinkedIn engagement” for the day.

Over 500 people within your network: As your connections grow, so does your reach, and as you engage with your connections, the more you start to show up on other members’ timelines, enhancing your reach as well as your engagement.

Having a recommendation from an employer, co-worker or client: The proof is in the pudding and having recommendations on your personal profile backs up your skills and abilities which not only builds your personal brand but also showcases the value you add to the business. Why not request a recommendation from an old friend, client or co-worker?

A profile picture that is less than 5 years old: Staying up to date and relevant is how you play the LinkedIn game. Ensuring that you are sending out up to date content is important but having a profile image that is true to yourself and where you are in both your personal and professional journey builds your brand industry trust.

Your company is running LinkedIn campaigns: LinkedIn ad campaigns are great for extending your reach outside of your connections at a highly targeted level. Running LinkedIn campaigns allows you to ensure your exact target market is being exposed to your brand.


Challenge yourself and others 

While the above statements are all important to keep up to date, it is always a good idea to keep yourself active on LinkedIn as much as possible. Following these steps regularly will ensure consistent thought leadership and engagement with your personal and company brand.

Reach out to an old contact: Staying in contact with old co-workers, employees, clients or someone you met at a conference ensures that they remain engaged with you and your content.

Connect with new people: Connections are so important to ensure you are being noticed. Spend some time every week connecting with people that you think will benefit from your content or services. By doing that it will give you exposure to others and really push your brand reach to new heights. When you meet a new contact in real life or on zoom, make it a habit to connect with them on LinkedIn after.

Join an industry related group: Groups are a great way to stay up to date with the latest industry trends, news and events. Joining a group allows you to engage with others on their thoughts and experiences while also gathering insightful industry information.

Comment on an industry influencers post: Industry influencers are slightly different to other social media influencers in that they are industry thought leaders. By commenting on a LinkedIn influencer’s post you can increase your reach by engaging with others on thought provoking pieces. Spark debates and showcase your skills and knowledge within the industry.

Share a news article or post related to your sector: LinkedIn is where others go for relevant and provoking industry updates. When you share an interesting article you’ll be able to engage with your connections but also  extends your reach and solidify your position within your industry.

Like or comment on ALL of your company’s posts: LinkedIn loves engagement! In order to boost exposure and engagement of your company’s posts it requires the team to kick-off the efforts. Taking time to engage with your company’s posts allows your connections to see how and what you are engaging with. And as a result, these will start to show up on their timeline, which dramatically can help increases your reach and analytics.

Shoutout someone’s performance: Recognising and highlighting your team’s performance is not only a nice gesture but it also builds on your own personal brand and strengthens relationships. If a co-worker does something acknowledgeable, why not brag about it?


Hopefully this article gave you a better understanding of what it takes to become successful with LinkedIn social selling If your business needs help utilising these powerful business development and marketing tools we can help you get going! Learn more about our services for further insight into how we can help you.


If you’d like help with your social selling and influencer marketing strategy, please get in touch with Clockwise Marketing. We have a team of digital marketing experts who are ready to assist.