M is for Mobile

January 15, 2020
January 15, 2020 Simon Ellis

In a few short years, mobile marketing has has risen from nowhere to everywhere. Why? Because everybody’s got a phone in their pocket.

Mobile marketing is any marketing that uses a mobile platform, such as a smartphone or tablet, via apps, SMS, email etc.

Being so new, the mobile marketing landscape has a touch of the Wild West about it, with marketers prospecting here and there to see where they can strike gold. From Facebook to YouTube to Instagram to TikTok, popular social media platforms have experienced their goldrushes, as has InGame advertising – the lesson being, MAKE YOUR CONTENT ENTERTAINING.

Indeed, success in mobile marketing lies in applying the time-honoured principles of marketing in any medium: identify your audience, find what they look at on their mobiles, write your content to fit the platform, raise awareness of your brand and then think about pushing the sale.

To master the mysteries of mobile marketing, move to Clockwise.

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