N is for Niche

January 22, 2020
January 22, 2020 Simon Ellis

Originating from the French word nicher, meaning ‘to make a nest,’ a niche may be small but its adherents, like a mother bird protecting its young, can be the most dedicated and loyal clients on your books.

Pin down your niche and you’ll have a ready-made and devoted client base.

Niche marketing is about quality over quantity and it’s a bit of a Holy Grail for B2B companies – a genuine USP. It’s about finding that one area of expertise that you absolutely own and taking it to the market that absolutely needs it. The scale makes it easier to target, easier to measure and easier to build those all-important customer relationships, so the ROI tends to be good.

The fuel for niche marketing is content – good content, ie thought leadership articles, regular news and tips, forums etc. In short, you need to show that you know your stuff and you need to keep proving it.

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