O is for Offline

January 29, 2020
January 29, 2020 Simon Ellis

As good as the Internet is, with its keywords, infographics and whizzy, state-of-the-art search engines, there’s something about the physical format that just won’t die.

In fact, in a sea of digital marketing campaigns, an approach that you can touch has even greater stand-out value than ever.

There are plenty of opportunities to utilise the fact that humanity hasn’t quite plugged itself into the Matrix yet. For example, creative, practical leave-behinds can encapsulate a brand’s message in an effective, aesthetically pleasing package that clients can take home and use. Or, in our case, eat. Digital signage, while it may still be digital, has a grand, real-world presence that ephemeral online advertising does not, making it more eye-catching than anything on a tiny laptop screen. Even leaflets and other literature hand around in the audience’s consciousness longer than a blip on their mobile screen.

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