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Are you ready to start building your construction brand with us? (Okay, we’ll stop with the puns!) With over 28 years of experience in marketing for construction companies, we know exactly what makes your clients tick.

The construction industry is huge and standing out amongst the crowd is harder than ever! Whether you’re a major construction company, a façade and rain-screen manufacturer, or an engineering consultancy, we have the expertise to support your unique needs.

The construction industry, a cornerstone of human progress for thousands of years, demands a unique approach to stand out.

The construction industry is huge and standing out amongst the crowd is harder than ever! Whether you’re a major construction company, a façade and rain-screen manufacturer, or an engineering consultancy, we have the expertise to support your unique needs.

We get it. Reputation is everything in construction and handing your brand, that you’ve worked so hard on, over to an agency can be an intimidating thought!

That’s why we centre our marketing for construction companies around collaboration and transparency. While you’ll be able to utilise our team of experts in all things marketing (from SEO to design to content), you will also be involved in 100% of the decision-making with access to in-depth marketing audits, strategies and brainstorming sessions. You’ll never be left in the dark!

Tailored Marketing Services for Your Business

Every business is different and every business has its own unique set of needs. You may be looking for specific project support for your existing marketing team or all-around marketing leadership to boost your sales efforts. Our no-nonsense approach to marketing for construction companies is entirely flexible. We’ve got it all covered:

Strategic Services

Just like construction, strategy is everything in marketing. We know exactly what the end goal will look like before we start building a campaign. Work with us to establish a superstructure of detailed auditing, analysis, reporting, and strategic planning.

Creative Services

There’s a lot of creativity and problem-solving in construction, however, we understand that this type of creativity may not transfer so smoothly into copywriting or graphic design! Never fear! With us, you will have access to our award-winning digital marketing services crafted specifically for your business.

Management Services

Does it feel like your marketing is all over the place? Take back control with Clockwise’s marketing management services and optimise your results with targeted delivery and effective paid digital campaigns.

We understand the importance of word of mouth…

Our Testimonials

They're all engaging and brimming with ideas...

“From the very beginning Clockwise have been a pleasure to work with, they are all engaging and brimming with ideas. They studied our business and asked lots of questions, ensuring full alignment to our business strategy. Being a network is not an easy model to understand, (to those not in the insurance industry), but in such a short space of time the team at Clockwise have taken it all in. This results in making our marketing strategy very simple. Thank you team Clockwise.”

– Managing Director

The team are true pros that think globally...

“When we set out to find a marketing firm to help us create compelling content and messaging for our markets, Clockwise stood above the crowd. Their ability to learn and understand our business, product, and value proposition was remarkably fast, and the speed with which they created and executed a comprehensive marketing strategy was uncanny. Their expertise in building and delivering broad Brand Awareness, clear value messaging, creative clinical studies through the use of Social Media, SEO, podcasts, and video content is quite impressive. In addition to Clockwise’s ability to work within our budget and timing constraints, I am particularly impressed with the team who act like a seamless extension of our own team, fully engaging in strategy discussions, creative content, and prioritization debates. The team at Clockwise are true pros that think globally, act with localization, and fully immerse their resources in helping my company grow. I highly recommend their expertise.”

– President & CEO

There was an impactful creative approach...

“From the outset of this project, our experience working with Clockwise Marketing has been fantastic; we were impressed with their expertise, proactive communication, and commitment to delivering exceptional results. In the initial design phase, there was an impactful creative approach, and the user experience was developed to support and guide the previously crafted customer journeys. Working with Clockwise Marketing on this project has proven highly successful. Together, we met project deadlines, resulting in an outstanding transformation of our digital presence. Based on this positive collaboration and the outcomes achieved, we look forward to our ongoing partnership, and have full confidence in Clockwise Marketing’s ability to deliver.”

– Global Marketing Director

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