Compass: Communications strategy


Part of Thistle Insurance, within the global JLT insurance group, Compass specialises in insurance for UK caravan parks and has been the market leader for many years. However, some aggressive competition had threatened its market share and highlighted the need to reinvigorate the brand and strengthen relationships with some key associates.


We were brought in to consult on a new communications strategy that would counteract the competition’s offensives, salvage Compass’ reputation among customers, rebuild its relationship with important resellers and re-emphasise the competitive advantages that had make it the market leader.


After presenting our strategic proposals to Compass senior management, including the proposal of a complete rebrand, we were appointed to carry out the rebrand and subsequent marketing campaigns, putting the systems and processes in place to give the client easy access to our work and measure success.

Services completed for Compass to date include:-

  • Communications strategy
  • Rebrand
  • Website
  • Literature
  • Exhibition services
  • Advertising
  • Email campaigns


Since the rebrand, Compass has arrested the loss of business and is now growing its reinvigorated brand. It has re-established good relationships with stakeholders and has regained its reputation as the insurance provider for caravan parks and their residents.

Caravan park insurance is provided via quite a complex sales structure and the background to us needing to review Compass’ comms strategy also required some understanding. Clockwise grasped the subtleties of the situation very quickly and worked hard and fast to deliver the change we needed.

Felicity Jackson, Head of Marketing, Thistle Insurance Services Limited

We find clients are always happier when they can see where their money’s going and what it’s going to deliver. Our strategic approach to marketing gives them that clarity of purpose and helps to define the goals of your marketing spend and what that spend will be. A good strategic plan saves time and money and delivers a better outcome. Win. Win. Win.

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