Naturally Talented Me: COMMS AND WEBSITE

Raising awareness and funding

Naturally Talented Me (NTM) is an innovative talent profiling platform designed to help traditionally excluded groups succeed in the job market. With the impact of COVID-19 on the employment market, it had moved its timetable forward and needed to raise funds to complete the platform development. We were asked to support the launch and help the fundraising effort.


Raise at least £10,000 to fund further development of the platform to provide revenue generating services, which will make NTM self-sufficient.


  • Crowdfunding and grant funding

  • Build awareness through email, social media and PR

  • Start selling services in advance


  • Bid Writing

  • Marketing plan

  • Website design and development

  • Sales collateral

  • Email and Social Media marketing

  • PR


NTM was launched on Zoom with around 100 people in attendance and a guest speaker, ex-Gulf War hostage turned motivational speaker John Peters, who we arranged. Our campaign brought over 100 donors to the crowdfunding, which released a bonus payment from the host NatWest. NTM hit the £10,000 target and was able to forge ahead with the platform development. Using our sales collateral, it also secured various agreements with commercial partners, beginning the flow of income into the organisation.

When we approached Clockwise, we had a developed platform and business plan but no marketing function, strategy or plan. Clockwise stepped up to the challenge quickly helping us get up to speed with our marketing effort. As well as achieving our short term goals Clockwise allowed to us identify new markets and effectively move the business forward.

Nick Boothroyd
Co-founder, Naturally Talented Me

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