The Law Firm Group: Websites


The Law Firm Group was a brand new venture that set out to shake up the traditional provision of legal services. The group’s strategy was to acquire local solicitors firms and modernise the way they offered their services and presented themselves.


We were asked to come up with a branding and SEO strategy that could be applied to all the firms within The Law Firm Group, in order to create a cohesive identity, and also to provide the tools for the group to market its services as it developed.


We developed a marketing strategy for The Law Firm Group, which included the use of websites, advertisements and printed collateral. We created a new website template that could be adapted for each new entity as it was added to the group. We also registered new URLs as part of an SEO strategy aimed at pushing each entity up the Google rankings. And we rolled out the new branding to a suite of signage and collateral. We are managing all the group’s websites on an ongoing basis and providing regular performance reports.

Services completed for The Law Firm Group to date include:-

  • Marketing strategy
  • Web design
  • Branding
  • Signage
  • SEO
  • Advertising
  • Delivery
  • Reporting


The Law Firm Group has been able to proceed with its growth strategy, bringing each new acquisition quickly and easily into the fold from a look and feel perspective. The first website we produced is now ranking in the top five on Google for the search term ‘local solicitors’.

I enjoyed working with Clockwise. I wanted creative people with energy and a sense of humour, who could grasp what I was after and make it happen. These things always take some pulling and pushing and so our working relationship was important.

Merrian Fisher, Business Development Manager, The Law Firm Group

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