Our secret weapon in the war on disorganisation

June 2, 2018
June 2, 2018 Simon Ellis

I probably shouldn’t tell you this – there might be rival agencies reading – but for several years now we’ve been using an online project management system that gives us a major advantage over agencies that don’t. Why they don’t is beyond me. Project and customer relationship management are fundamental to the Clockwise creative service and our online system makes it easy.

Why is project management important? Because marketing projects are complex. There are often lots of different deliverables, in different media, with different messages, targeted at different audiences. It needs someone on the creative side to keep an overview, so that designers can concentrate on designing without having to worry whether they’re forgetting a deadline, whether the printer’s been booked or how the budget’s shaping up.

The beauty of our online system is that it puts the whole project management process in one place, accessible by all parties via a secure login. It serves as a network, connecting anyone on the client side with anyone on the creative team, and we can add outsourced suppliers such as writers and printers to the network too. That means clients can communicate directly with creatives and suppliers and everyone involved can have sight of the project status in one place.

Messages can be exchanged, files shared, schedules and milestones set and risks identified. We can also log every minute we spend on a project and make this visible to the client. Transparency and collaboration – the essence of a sound working relationship.

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