AB Group: Developing Brand Awareness and Reputation

Giving the Complete Construction Team a complete Marketing Service

AB Group is trusted by major food retailers to manage construction and refurbishment projects from beginning to end. Their teams have years of experience specialising in specialist design, M&E and refrigeration services. AB Group came to Clockwise to help with their brand awareness within the industry, hoping to target more larger scale food retailers. Clockwise stepped in to be give them their own complete marketing service.


Clockwise has worked with AB Group for a number of years, not only developing their brand but their website, strategy and content too. Given our deep understanding of not only the industry but also of the company, we joined as their key marketing team.


We worked closely with Directors to ensure that the marketing strategy and plan was aligned to the business goals. Using LinkedIn and paid advertising as our main strategies we assisted with their social media, thought leadership, case studies, Google and LinkedIn advertising, SEO, graphic design support, recruitment and monthly reporting. All of the content produced was highly targeted towards their key accounts, it was insightful and always showed to be leaders within the construction industry.


Within one year of working with our marketing plan, we saw a large change in brand awareness purely through social media. Having IP tracking on our ads and website allowed us to ensure that we were getting the right target accounts, which we were. The increases we saw in one year was outstanding:

  • Increased LinkedIn engagement: an increase of 11,015.8% engagement rate, 969.3% increase in page views and 857 new followers.
  • Increased conversion rate: Over 1,000 conversions through paid campaigns with a low CPC, showing a positive ROI.
  • Target companies engaging on ads and the website: OCADO, VUE Entertainment, ASDA and more all engaging with their content and advertising.
  • Increased traffic on the website: An increase of 98.86% in users, with a 99.9% increase in organic traffic showing our SEO at work.
  • Developed the external sharing of their case studies: developing over 8 confidential case studies and adding them to the website and sales collateral



A highly targeted approach was key to the success for AB Group. Using their target accounts to create content, key messaging, keywords and advertise to allowed us to not only build up their brand within their target audience but to then branch out into others. The most notable statistsic being the increase of 11,015% in engagement rate. We built up their brand and reputation within the industry space and set them up for greatness before the sales team even got to the meetings.


Great marketing is all about truly understanding your audience, having meaningful conversations with your target customers, and creating content that genuinely connects with them. It’s about making your brand not just communicate, but really click with the people you want to reach.


If you’re ready to commit, or you just want a few more answers first, click the button and let’s start talking.