African Sensations are a full-service tour operator, providing responsible, luxury, bespoke travel arrangements across Eastern and Southern Africa. Clockwise was asked to develop a detailed marketing strategy, one that outlined the market landscape, defined the target audience, and recommended suitable marketing direction, with tactics designed to effectively reach the audience.


Responsible tourism is still a relatively new concept and with more and more people looking to be more sustainable in their daily lives, more companies are setting themselves up to meet the increased demand. All this change means the market landscape is shifting drastically on a regular basis. This can generate uncertainty, even for established businesses in this field, as it makes them unsure of where their offering stands and how to shout about it to the people who want to buy it.

African Sensations were one of those businesses looking to understand the responsible tourism market and their target audience on a deeper level. With our detailed marketing strategy service, Clockwise Marketing shed light on both B2B and B2C audiences for the client, giving detailed audience breakdowns and helping form a strategic marketing plan to communicate with each group as effectively as possible.

Our expert team worked closely with the two founders of the business to fully understand their business objectives, working them into the strategy so that all outputs are now working towards this goal.  


A marketing strategy should run at the core of all marketing outputs as it provides direction and structure for any campaign. As a result, the strategy itself needs to be thorough and in-depth, giving the client access to the full picture that will allow them to make informed, strategic decisions about their marketing.

Our work for the strategy for African Sensations included the following:

  • Market: We firstly identified relevant regions that could possibly be targeted and the type of individuals who would be interested in African Sensations’ offering.
  • Objectives: Here, we outlined what the client is looking to achieve with their marketing function.
  • Messaging: We identified the key messages at the core of the brand that need to run throughout any deliverables.
  • Audience: Of the initial market research, we identified the most relevant target audience for the marketing campaign to follow.
  • Personas: Breaking down the target audience, we developed detailed personas to identify their behaviours and, therefore, the best ways to communicate with them.
  • Competitors: We took time to understand the competition to allow for a greater understanding of where the client sits within the market.
  • Recommended Tactics: We detailed how to utilise the methods of communication that are best suited for the target audience.
  • Outcomes: Detail of what can be expected from utilising the recommended tactics.
  • Measurement: Here, we outlined how the client can expect to see results.
  • Budget: We developed a bespoke sales funnel to identify the budget required to break even and then to make a profit.


  • A strong strategic foundation for the subsequent marketing campaign the client ran with us.
  • Edits to the website to better align with the marketing strategy.
  • Collateral designed in line with brand messaging and style.
  • Launched a PPC campaign, rooted in strategy, that drove several leads for the client.


As Clockwise Marketing are a full-service digital agency that specialises in strategy, we were able to deliver a well-rounded marketing strategy to the client that considered all aspects of their marketing, from the market overview to the target audience, relevant channels and required deliverables. This initial work on the strategy set the client up nicely for the ongoing marketing campaign they ran with us, as we now have a fantastic, in-depth understanding of their business and what they are trying to achieve.


The strategy should run at the core of everything your business does. It aligns the company, employees and marketing outputs, driving everything forward cohesively and methodically.


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