Transformative Marketing: Elevating Brand Awareness For A Mental Health Charity

The Fircroft Trust has done a phenomenal job in supporting adults with mental health disabilities and challenges. They called on Clockwise to help them drive the Fircroft brand into the 21st century with daily social media posts, vibrant branding that better reflected their work, and a fresh, new, user-friendly website.


A charity’s main priority is to help the people they support but they can’t do that without donations and they can’t receive donations without a strong marketing strategy. Amid all the work they did, the team at The Fircroft Trust just didn’t have the time to dedicate to their marketing, and that resulted in branding that simply didn’t do justice to the charity. That’s where Clockwise came in!

We have worked with The Fircroft Trust for over two decades, covering all of their marketing needs. When Clockwise was first welcomed on board, marketing looked very different and Clockwise was just a Graphic Design Agency! In that time we kept their marketing fresh, producing two whole brand revamps and as their needs changed, so did we, providing them with their own, part-time, in house marketer.

The clockwise team became familiar faces around the Fircroft Wellbeing Hub through volunteering days for Christmas parties and at the Housewarming for their new building!


It was important that we kept Fircroft’s target audience in mind for every project we did with them. There was an emphasis on usability as many of their audience had learning disabilities, struggled with certain visuals, or didn’t use social media or the internet at all. Everything on their website could be found in leaflets and flyers that were spread across their catchment area and we spread the word, designing and printing t-shirts, banners, pens and more. We also tapped into a £10,000 per month grant for Google ads which we used to put the charity in front of as many potential clients, volunteers, donators and healthcare professionals as possible. We wanted to give the brand a friendly, familiar, and trustworthy voice that matched the trust and so a big part of their strategy was daily social media posts that provided updates, mental health education, quotes, and access to helplines. We wrote and posted regular blogs on their own digital self-help guide library (that we also created!) We worked closely with all who worked at Fircroft to ensure we had the correct tone and were communicating the warm, close-knit energy of the wellbeing hub and residential homes in everything we did.


At Clockwise, your brand’s voice and how it communicates to your audience is at the heart of every marketing decision we make and we believe it is what leads to unbeatable results like these


  • Marketing Strategy: We developed a marketing strategy for Fircroft with the target of raising awareness and creating a friendly, encouraging voice.
  • Brand Refresh: We modernised the Fircroft logo, fonts, imagery, and brand colours to bring the charity into the 21st century.
  • Social Media Management: We created 5 posts a week across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as occasional LinkedIn posts.
  • Social Media Campaigns: We shouted loud across all social media platforms about fundraising events, volunteering pushes and charity shop sales.
  • SEO: We did some basic SEO on the website.
  • Blogs: We produced one blog a week and created an online, downloadable library.
  • Leaflets & Merchandise: We designed and printed leaflets, posters, banners, pens, t-shirts and more.
  • Emails: Designed and sent out emails to existing contacts notifying them of upcoming events, with the addition of others when needed.
  • Newsletters: We produced quarterly digital and printed newsletters and sent them to all subscribed contacts.
  • Team training: We supported the dedicated employees in social media marketing, creating easy to use templates so they could post social media updates on the people they supported as and when they happened.
  • Volunteering: We attended Fircroft events to assist in setting up and hosting!
  • Website: Our savvy team of designers created a vibrant new website that was easy to use for volunteers, donators, staff and adults with a variety of disabilities.
  • Paid advertising: We applied for a grant on behalf of the trust and received £10,000 a month to spend on Google ads which we set up and updated regularly.
  • Fundraising: We launched multiple fundraising events and backed each one up with its own, strong marketing strategy.
  • In House Marketing: In an effort to understand the charity and its values the best we possibly could, one of our marketers worked from the Fircroft office three days a week for a year as an in-house marketer. There, she became well acquainted with the team, the volunteers and, most importantly, the people supported by the charity.


This didn’t stop us from constantly growing with them. We oversaw two complete rebrands, the latest of which involved a logo refresh, social media transformation and a whole new website. We added a splash of colour that gave pages a vibrant, modern energy. Within 3 months of their latest rebrand with us, the charity saw a dramatic increase in the number of users coming to their site and, more importantly, the quality of time they were spending there. It was evident that the site traffic was made up of the right people and we ensured that their first experience with The Fircroft Trust was a positive one.

We saw incredible results which we were very proud of! On their website,

  • Users increased by 164%
  • New users increased by 167%
  • Sessions increased by 77%
  • Average engagement increased by 109%
  • Page views increased by 335%

On social media,

  • Engagement increased by 1267%
  • Reach increased by 65%
  • Impressions increased by 315%

“The team at Clockwise has been more than generous with us for over 20 years, and that has been priceless for us. Please know that we have been extremely grateful for your support over the years.”

Watch what was achieved during the collaboration between Clockwise Marketing and The Fircroft Trust


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