Eleven Network: Broker Expo

Eleven Unveils New Brand and Acrisure Partnership at Broker Expo 2023

Ready to share their new brand, Eleven arrived at the Broker Expo 2023 with a goal of showcasing their new name and partnership with Acrisure.


The 2023 Broker Expo was about bringing together more than 1000+ UK based senior insurance brokers to see the latest solutions and offerings from the insurance sector. Undergoing a rebrand is exciting business and The Broker Expo was the perfect place to showcase it. We wanted to make sure that we had everyone’s attention!

We were tasked with creating a stand with the new brand and its now enhanced offering with Acrisure. We got to engage with many brokers at the expo and made some noise online about our whereabouts so that brokers could come through to the Eleven stand and engage with the team.


Clockwise was invited to support the Broker Expo at the NEC in Birmingham on October 12th, 2023. The event saw a total of 1,408 registrants and 410 unique companies, including Eleven Network. For this expo, Eleven Network required a stand to be built and designed to bring their vision to life, marking their first expo since rebranding and aiming to make a significant impact with their new identity.

Our talented graphic designers quickly began working on the stand’s design. Once approved, the next step was selecting the appropriate materials. After careful consideration of various options, Clockwise chose flexi banners as Eleven had a 3 by 2 shell scheme space booked, the flexi banners were chosen for its excellent finish and durability, including the fact that they can be reused and ensuring a high-quality and impactful presence for Eleven Network at the expo. In addition to the stand design, our designers crafted a comprehensive pamphlet featuring everything related to Eleven which included 11 reasons why brokers should join Eleven. Along with handouts including branded notepads, pens, jelly beans, chocolate, and more. We also produced a video to provide an overview of the day’s events. On the day of the expo, Clockwise was there to set up the stand and ensured all the branding was perfect. To enhance the expo experience, all Eleven members attending had digital business cards equipped with tracking functions, allowing us to monitor how many leads and contacts saved their details.

Everyone was really engaged at the expo, asking curious questions, looking at the stand, meeting with one of us or a member of the Eleven team to have a chat and taking part in our feedback wishing wall.We used the wishing wall to bring in engagement to the stand to show that Eleven is a network that listens, so brokers came to our stand and added their wishes to the wall and shared their thoughts with us.

In the week leading up to the expo, we promoted our stand and event details on LinkedIn. We provided live updates during the event on our members’ and the Eleven company page and managed to get David Bruce, CEO of Eleven Network, an interview at the expo where he got to share insights about the rebrand and partnership with Acrisure. After the event, we shared a post-expo update.


At Clockwise, your brand’s voice and how it communicates to your audience is at the heart of every marketing decision we make and we believe it is what leads to unbeatable results like these


  • Branded stand design.
  • Clockwise set up the stand and ensured proper branding.
  • Provided digital business cards with tracking functions to all Eleven members attending.
  • Stand setup included:
    > Fridge stocked with drink
    > TV displaying Eleven brand video we created for them
    > Branded merchandise (pens, jelly beans, notepads, chocolates)
    > Pamphlets for distribution
  • Pre-expo promotion on LinkedIn a week before the event.
  • Live updates on LinkedIn during the event via Eleven company page and individual members.
  • Post-expo LinkedIn posts.
  • Compiled leads collected at the expo.
    Drafted initial outreach messages for the sales and business development teams.
  • Leads tracking system.
  • Captured footage for a social media video of the event.
  • Successful feedback wall where brokers shared their network needs.


    The broker expo was a resounding success. Our booth not only looked fantastic, but the entire day also proceeded seamlessly, leaving our client highly satisfied. We generated 18 qualified leads from the expo and achieved 4,325 organic impressions on LinkedIn, along with gaining new followers and witnessing active broker engagement with our feedback wall. The many insightful conversations and interesting discoveries we had with brokers will be invaluable as we move forward to enhance our offerings and services. Overall, we are thrilled with the results and excited for the opportunities ahead.


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