Eleven Network: Rebrand & new website

Eleven Network: A new journey needs a new look

Formerly known as TEn Insurance, a prominent broker network in the UK, the company underwent a transformative change following its acquisition by Acrisure UK. Every new journey demands a renewed perspective, and Acrisure recognised the potential within TEn, envisioning a transformation to align with their vision.


Acrisure enlisted Clockwise to spearhead the renaming, rebranding, and the creation of a new website for TEn Insurance. Collaborating closely with the team, Clockwise facilitated the development of the name “Eleven,” symbolising the joining of TEn and Acrisure. This fresh identity not only represented a new chapter but also added an extra dimension to the evolving journey. The rebranding extended to a complete visual overhaul, including brand colours, logo design, and completely revamped the website. A strong set of brand guidelines was developed to instil pride in everyone associated with Eleven.


Clockwise adopted a structured and strategic approach to the entire process, spanning the development of the name, brand, website, and launch. Recognising the importance of carrying the brokers within Eleven Network along on this transformative journey, the team worked diligently over a four-month period to ensure a seamless transition.


  • Crafted a new logo
  • Formulated comprehensive brand guidelines
  • Designed and developed an entirely new website
  • Created new office signage
  • Developed company PowerPoint presentations
  • Established new email signatures
  • Collaborated with the CEO on website content
  • Conducted weekly meetings with team members to refine the brand
  • Developed key messaging for the launch
  • Engaged in meetings with brokers to communicate the changes
  • Orchestrated the brand launch at Broker Expo, featuring a looping video
  • Produced new collateral showcasing Eleven’s value proposition
  • Built brand packs for network members, offering guides, graphics, and marketing tips


The brand launch, initially on LinkedIn and later at the Broker Event, was highly successful. Positive feedback poured in from stand visitors, acknowledging the clean and professional appearance of the brand. The rebrand provided both existing Eleven members and brokers within the network with a clearer understanding of Eleven’s identity and the benefits it offers.


Undertaking a brand change is a formidable challenge, but when executed with precision, strategy, and thorough research, it can be an exciting journey. The choice of the right partner is pivotal, and Clockwise, with its unique evolution from a branding agency to a holistic marketing agency, stands as the ideal collaborator for any rebranding project.


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