Gunnebo Entrance Control: Global Website Refresh

Securing Website Excellence: Website Refresh for Gunnebo Entrance Control

One of Gunnebo Entrance Control’s global marketing objectives was to deliver rapid digital marketing improvements. In line with this, the client sought to refresh their digital presence with a new website. Having successfully collaborated with Clockwise on several previous projects, they entrusted us with the creation of their multi-lingual, global site. The results were fantastic.


Initially, Clockwise worked closely with the leading global entrance control company to update their brand and messaging and then over the next six months, we designed and built a brand new website which fulfilled the need to improve CMS and user interface, as well as refreshing the design to give it a more modern style.


Working to a strategy is the most effective way to develop any project and this global, multi-lingual website was no exception. Following our work on the client’s target audience and persona development, we needed to produce a website that catered to the audience’s unique requirements.

The development of the site structure and content ran at the core of this project, so once we’d developed the brand and messaging, we ran these elements carefully through the design and build.

Over six months, we worked closely with the team at Gunnebo Entrance Control to deliver a website which improved the CMS and user interface, all whilst updating the design to give it a more modern feel. Before launch, we prepped the site to roll out across five languages, with the plans to consolidate further regions in the next phase of the site development.


The work for the implementation of this website project included:

Persona development and planning: Develop detailed personas based on research to understand the target audience’s needs, preferences, and behaviours, which guided the project’s direction.

Work to refresh branding and messaging: Revamp the existing branding and messaging to align with current market trends and resonate more effectively with the target audience.

Website design: Design the website with a strong emphasis on user experience, ensuring intuitive navigation, accessibility, and a visually appealing interface.

Site build: Construct the website using best practices in web development, ensuring it is robust, scalable, and optimised for performance across different devices and browsers.

Content writing: Create tailored content that speaks directly to each identified persona, addressing their specific needs and pain points.

Working with internal stakeholders: Collaborate closely with internal stakeholders to gather input, align objectives, and ensure the project meets organisational goals.

Working with external partners to deliver the multilingual content: Partner with external teams to develop and integrate multilingual content, ensuring the website caters to a diverse, global audience.

View the site here:


Following our work on various strategic documents, Clockwise were excellently placed to deliver this website project for Gunnebo Entrance Control. Understanding the importance of strategy for the success of any project, we have been able to deliver a well-planned and executed website redevelopment which has delivered great success for the client, including:

  • Increased website traffic by 61%
  • Increased website page views by 68%
  • Increased site engagement time by 34%
  • Increased site health from 66% to 81%

“From the outset of this project, our experience working with Clockwise Marketing has been fantastic; we were impressed with their expertise, proactive communication, and commitment to delivering exceptional results. In the initial design phase, there was an impactful creative approach, and the user experience was developed to support and guide the previously crafted customer journeys. Working with Clockwise Marketing on this project has proven highly successful. Together, we met project deadlines, resulting in an outstanding transformation of our digital presence. Based on this positive collaboration and the outcomes achieved, we look forward to our ongoing partnership, and have full confidence in Clockwise Marketing’s ability to deliver.”

Tina Hughan, Global Marketing and Sustainability Director at Gunnebo Entrance Control


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