Elevating Event Marketing Strategy

Marsh, a global leader in risk management and insurance broking services, recognised the need to enhance its event marketing efforts to engage clients and prospects effectively. To achieve this, they partnered with Clockwise Marketing to develop a comprehensive event marketing strategy that aimed to elevate brand awareness, provide valuable insights, and foster client relationships.


Marsh is a global insurance broker that helps businesses manage their risks. In recent years, the company has been investing heavily in event marketing as a way to achieve its business objectives. The collaboration with Clockwise Marketing aimed to streamline the event planning process, enhance attendee experiences, and optimise post-event engagement and follow-up.


Over 7 months, Clockwise Marketing collaborated with Marsh to revamp its event marketing strategy. It was designed to achieve three key objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness: Marsh wants to be seen as a thought leader in the insurance industry. By hosting events that address key industry challenges, the company can position itself as a trusted advisor to businesses.
  • Drive sales: Marsh’s events also help to drive sales. By showcasing the company’s products and services, the company can generate interest from potential customers.
  • Generate leads: Marsh’s events are designed to generate leads for sales representatives. By providing attendees with valuable information and insights, the company can create opportunities to build relationships and close deals.


Pre-event Planning and Content Creation:
Clockwise Marketing managed various aspects of pre-event planning and content creation, including location management, copywriting for landing pages and promotional materials, storyboarding interactive event scenarios based on risk situations, e-learning modules, and securing guest speakers such as the Bank of England.

Marketing Collateral and Promotion:
The team provided a compelling copy for event-related collateral, including postcard invitations, LinkedIn social posts, and email campaigns targeted at prospective clients, leads, and a select group of existing clients. They also managed collateral such as risk reports, one-pagers, and other event information.

On-site Event Management:
Two Clockwise representatives were present at a event to ensure seamless execution, manage the AV team, assist with setup, provide talking points for hosts, and oversee attendee check-in. Goodie bags with branded merchandise were prepared for attendees, enhancing their event experience.

Post-event Engagement and Follow-up:
Clockwise Marketing was responsible for producing video snippets for social media and email distribution to attendees. Additionally, articles were crafted based on event themes, and the design team collaborated to create artwork using event imagery. Follow-up emails were designed to provide event information, gather feedback, and promote future events.

Ongoing Engagement and Sales Support:
The collaboration extended to managing the deployment of e-learning modules to sign-ups, creating email copy to offer e-learning to existing clients, and crafting follow-up emails to arrange meetings with Marsh’s sales team.


Marsh’s event marketing strategy has been very successful in achieving its business objectives. The partnership led to significant improvements in event engagement, attendee experience, and post-event interactions. The event brought in over £1 million, as well as more meetings set up with current clients to add to their services.

Here are some of the key takeaways from Marsh’s events case study:

  • Event marketing can be a very effective way to achieve business objectives.
  • It is important to create events that are relevant to your target audience and that address their needs.
  • You should invest in high-quality events that will make a lasting impression on attendees.
  • Track the results of your events to ensure that they are meeting your objectives.

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