Whitesales is an established manufacturer and distributor of rooflights and other flat roofing products and accessories, supplying the trade via approved outlets. With a pedigree of more than 25 years in the business, the company is one of the leading suppliers in its field, bringing in-depth knowledge of the industry and a range of high quality products.


Whitesales had developed an online tool for simplifying and increasing the accuracy of the ordering process and wanted an eye-catching and fresh approach towards publicising this to merchants and contractors. We were asked to come up with creative ideas for a campaign that would capture the imagination of their target audience while getting across the practical value of the new tool.


Before the official launch of the online tool, we produced a ‘teaser ad’ announcing its arrival with the slogan ‘the cat’s out of the bag’. Among a range of proposals, we came up with the name RUFUS for the tool (Reliable Unique Flexible User-friendly Specifier) and used a handy looking Jack Russell as the face of the campaign. The character and simplicity of the concept gave this campaign depth and longevity, with strong relatability to the Whitesales brand.

  • Services completed for Whitesales to date include:
  • Creative concepts
  • Strategic planning
  • Design
  • Copywriting


The ‘teaser ad’ was printed in RCI magazine, the roofing trade publication, with the RUFUS ad scheduled to follow in the next month’s edition. A second RUFUS ad is in the making to develop the campaign further and drive more business to Whitesales.

Clockwise not only delivered on brief but went that extra mile to ensure the campaign was planned and executed to the highest of standards. They delivered original concepts that will really get us noticed by our target audience.

Andrea Mittelmeier, Marketing Manager, Whitesales


We find clients are always happier when they can see where their money’s going and what it’s going to deliver. Our strategic approach to marketing gives them that clarity of purpose and helps to define the goals of your marketing spend and what that spend will be. A good strategic plan saves time and money and delivers a better outcome. Win. Win. Win.


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