R is for Real-Time

February 19, 2020
February 19, 2020 Simon Ellis

In a world dominated by social media, the ability to produce marketing that reacts (or appears to react) with lightning speed and creative wit to headline events can be hugely powerful.

Public holidays, sporting events, current affairs, famous birthdays, crises… any event with a strong hashtag could be fertile ground for real-time marketing. Get it right and your creative nuggets will give a fantastic impression of your brand: smart, on the ball, witty, creative. Moreover they’re likely to be shared and shared and shared again.

It’s called real-time marketing because it appears to be an instant reaction to the event. In reality, it takes meticulous advance planning. You need to see the events coming, assess their relevance to your brand (if there is none, leave it) and then come up with ingenious creative. If it’s an event with an unknown outcome, such as a Cup Final or a General Election, consider creating an ad for all possible outcomes. The less predictable the event, the smarter your real-time reaction will look.

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