Best Social Media Channels for B2B Marketing?

October 13, 2018
October 13, 2018 Simon Ellis

So you might find yourself asking what are the best social media channels to use for B2B marketing! Social media is becoming more and more useful for B2B marketing as a valuable platform for brand awareness and lead generation. The surge in social media for B2B is due to the ever-changing acceptance of social media across all generations and key decision maker demographics creeping in to Millennial territory.

‘Nearly ½ of all employees conducting research for B2B purchases are millennials’

Its important to consider when choosing your social media channels, whether it is the best fit for your brand and audience! With so many social media forums out there, it is difficult not to get caught up in the craze of associating your company with as many as possible.We often come across many B2B companies using social media platforms which have absolutely no relevance to their target audience. When it comes to social media marketing – remember less is usually more!

It’s always better to have quality and engagement across your channels rather than having a social media platform with barely any followers, engagement, content etc. Bear in mind your budget also – it is always beneficial to use a channel that will give you actually give you a return on investment.

So here are our top recommendations for b2b marketing:


1. LinkedIn

Certainly the most important and should be considered by any B2B industry professional. LinkedIn is fantastic for networking, acting as a referrer to your website and brand recognition.

2. Website blog/News Page

A blog / news page will help drive traffic to your company’s website, especially if you share any posts via your other social media channels.

3. Twitter

Great for brand recognition and real time marketing, however make sure you keep on top of content and responses/complaints. Again can be a great referrer to your website.

4. YouTube

A must have if you’re planning on introducing video content to your website – will also help boost your SEO.

5. Facebook

Useful for brand recognition and gathering data for customer personas and behaviour.

6.Slide Share

Slide share is a lesser-known platform owned by LinkedIn (Microsoft).  Beneficial when using in conjunction with linkedIn. A platform where you can upload company PowerPoint presentations for the world to see.

7. Google+

Good for communications and building your up your network using Gmail, circle or hangouts.


Again, depending on relevance to your industry. Instagram can be a great way to show off products or the human/social element to your business through the medium of photography.


Which ever social media platform you chose, make sure you are constantly updating and reviewing your content.

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