Social Media Management – Are You Equipped?

November 3, 2020
November 3, 2020 Nick Meese

In 2010, just 25% of businesses were using social media to engage with customers and partners and to deal with service enquiries. Fast forward ten short years and, in 2020, that figure is now 90%. It’s little wonder then that, these days, social media management is a huge priority and, now more than ever, companies need to make sure that they have the necessary tools to get it right. Social media management is a multifaceted enterprise. Below, we share some of the primary considerations you need to make to ensure your brand is equipped:


To succeed with social media, your business needs to be producing compelling, high-value content that engages its followers. While content has been important for some time, forecasted trends for 2021 show that long-form thought leadership content will be vital. To keep a consistent tone of voice throughout your brand’s posts, establish a set of social media guidelines for all content creators to follow.

Get the frequency right

Some companies take to bombarding followers with a huge number of posts while others lose the interest of followers by rarely posting at all. Finding the right balance can be difficult and require a bit of trial and error. Start with one interesting, relevant post per day and measure the engagement received. This frequency can then be adjusted according to your findings.


Recent studies show that 83% of customers expect a response to a social media message within a day, with almost 50% expecting a response within an hour. Businesses should, therefore, ensure that they have dedicated staff to monitor social media accounts to respond in a timely manner. A chatbot can help lighten the load if you receive a considerable number of queries.

Sentiment Analysis

Keep in mind the fact that social media users may not be contacting you directly. To keep on top of your customers’ comments, it’s a good idea to use a tool that can save you time searching the platforms, and closely analysing every post. Sentiment analysis tools are useful time-savers, processing comments and providing you with data on whether the content is positive, negative or neutral.

Your social media presence is, essentially, the ‘face’ of your business and, as such, should be professional, responsive and, above all else, relevant. Download our guide for further support with your social media management.

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