Think Outside the Box: 3 Top Tips for a Successful Guerilla Marketing Campaign

March 31, 2022 Deimante Lideikyte

Do you have big dreams for your business but a small budget for your marketing? If so, we’ve got great news! Guerilla Marketing might be the answer to all your prayers. This marketing strategy is often seen as a low investment, high impact solution! Continue reading for a quick guide to ace your guerilla marketing campaign.

What is Guerilla Marketing?

In essence, this marketing tactic focuses on the art of getting your consumers to pay attention. Essentially, it is an advertisement strategy whereby a company uses surprising and slightly unconventional ways to interact with its audience in order to promote a product or service.

For example, graffiti. Don’t get us wrong, we are not encouraging you to start vandalising public spaces, however, it is an unconventional tactic that could be the way to get your message across. Just ensure that before you go Banksy on someone’s wall, ensure that you have permission to do so.

Its effectiveness is usually measured by the amount of attention that it gains. In more contemporary marketing terms, it is based on the engagement it incites. Your consumers are often bombarded with thousands of marketing campaigns a day. Truth be told, they often only remember a handful. That’s why guerrilla marketing is a clever tactic to grab people’s attention and get them talking! With that being said, this style of a marketing campaign requires you to put your creative hat on and think outside the box.

Sounds interesting?

Here are our tips to help you smash your guerilla marketing strategy and get your consumers talking:


Like we said before, you’ve got to think outside the box. But before you do anything, you must ensure that you have done as much audience research as possible. You must know what they’re interested in, what they engage with the most, and what their day-to-day routines look like. Get to know them as well as you know your friends! That is the only way you will know how to truly capture their attention and make it memorable.

Want to make a tourist pause during their busy schedule to see your business? You’ve got to get your products involved! Check out this campaign from Gold Toe.


Get creative with it. Think about how you can display your product/service or its benefits from a more new, clever point of view. Sometimes a creative message just isn’t enough.

Take this campaign from Mr. Clean as an example. Clever right? The message is loud and clear, yet subtle and simple. Mr Clean makes surfaces cleaner!


Not every campaign needs to be large and complicated for it to be successful. Sometimes keeping simple can be just as strong and effective. Simplicity can also help cash-strapped businesses or non-profit organisations that still wish to get their powerful message across.

This is evident in this advertising from ‘RaisingTheRoof’, a Canadian charity’s efforts in getting its message across.

So, for your next marketing campaign, get creative! Think outside the box. Guerilla Marketing may just be the next best thing to capture your audience’s attention and get them talking! Traditional marketing is not always the answer.

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