U is for Umbrella

March 11, 2020
March 11, 2020 Simon Ellis

Umbrella branding – drawing a group of services together under the umbrella of a brand – can increase client outreach exponentially.

Your services don’t have to be related; for example, the Co-Operative Group has outlets as diverse as funeral homes, pharmacies and supermarkets. But you need the umbrella of a good brand.

In the B2B world, this is a little less common but it’s not unheard of to use an umbrella brand to provide multiple services. The main challenge here is balancing your services; each part of the business needs to be managed separately. One service could be thriving more than another and thus merits more investment. By the same token, don’t make things too complicated: if you bring too many services into your brand, the whole thing becomes overstuffed and unstable. Get the balance right, though, and umbrella branding can be a great way to grow.

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