V is for Viral

March 18, 2020
March 18, 2020 Simon Ellis

In case you’ve always wondered what ‘going viral’ really means, the current real-life demonstration should help.

Imagine your brand message was a Covid-19 virion put out in Wuhan at the back end of last year – by now you’d have the best known brand in the world. Talk about disrupting the market!

Going viral is marketing nirvana, so how do you make it happen? Rule one: don’t try. Less than 1% of content that’s designed to go viral succeeds. Instead, concentrate on creating content that gives value to your audience. Do try to be funny, do try to be remarkable, do try to be inspiring – your marketing messages should always tick one of these boxes anyway. If you’re very lucky, you might just hit the right note at the right moment – like a spontaneous witty one-liner – and your audience might choose to share it. In most cases they won’t – but the message will still have hit its target.

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