X is for X-ray Marketing

April 1, 2020 Simon Ellis

Imagine if you could see into the minds of customers. Wouldn’t that make it so much easier to sell your products or services?

For years marketers have tried to find ways to do just that, or get as close to it as possible. And now they can, thanks to X-ray Marketing.

X-ray Marketing is the latest tech tool for marketers. Rather than guessing at customer behaviours by piecing together various bits of demographic and psychometric data, Xray Marketing cuts straight to the chase. Using an app called MelonX, we can now look literally inside the heads of prospective customers, just as a doctor uses an X-ray to look inside the human body, to find out things like ‘What do they want?’ ‘How much are they prepared to pay?’ and ‘Why did they buy that product and not this one?’ With this data we can target marketing campaigns much more accurately and deliver unprecedented ROI. The only caveat is that, under the GDPR, individuals must be notified in writing once their thoughts have been downloaded.

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