Y is for YouTube

April 8, 2020 Simon Ellis

While LinkedIn is, arguably, the best platform for niche-specific B2B video content, YouTube, still going strong after almost two decades, has no rival for popular appeal.

The number two search engine in the world after Google, don’t think prospective clients will be too stuck up to see the merits of a good YouTube campaign – it’s simply too good an opportunity to miss.

The possibilities are endless. Video blogs, info videos on your area of expertise, and even group panel discussions can draw in clients. Filmed appearances at trade shows are a must – this is one of your most important platforms, and using YouTube to present it gives those prospective clients who weren’t present at the time a glimpse of you at your best. Most importantly, your content needs to tell an engaging story, and reflect your brand’s message in a powerful, accessible way that nevertheless speaks directly to businesses in your niche. If you can afford it, even use paid ads, targeted at niche-specific videos. YouTube may seem too populist for a B2B campaign, but it’s exactly this all-purpose appeal which makes it perfect for reaching as many clients as possible.

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