Beyond the Buzz: Navigating Disruption in a Sea of Disruptors

by | Jan 11, 2024

Disruption. It was definitely the LinkedIn buzzword of 2023. As more and more businesses went digital in the aftermath of the lockdowns, standing out was more important than ever before. Disruptive marketing was brought into the spotlight! The results? Well it all got a little bit chaotic!

The problem was, while everyone was busy trying to set new, outlandish trends in a bid to be the most disruptive, gradually, there became nothing left to disrupt! By the summer time there was no clear pattern to break and no obvious marketing system to rebel against.

Don’t get us wrong, 2023 was an exciting time to be a marketeer. The concept of disruptive thinking brought us brilliant campaigns. The Barbie Movie team became marketing gods with the bright bold, pinkification of our social media platforms. Apple made us all question what we thought we knew about photography with its ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign. ASOS turned negative feedback on its head and featured a customer’s “unflattering” photo on their website. It’s a crazy and wonderful world to live in when everyone’s marching to the beat of their own drum… even if it is a little noisy!

But we found that many of the brands that came to us were stuck trying to get their voice heard in a disruptive crowd. That’s where Clockwise steps in! The irony is, while everyone is battling it out outside the box, there’s no one left inside the box! Which is why, every so often, we like to go back to the classic, clean, proven marketing techniques because the true way to stand out is with results! Once the solid groundwork is there, we can get creative, applying the brand’s own flare to a campaign.

We’re not quiet about the fact that we believe that every marketing pursuit should be data driven. We do the work and analyse the numbers to predict upcoming trends and ensure that, no matter how out there and outlandish the campaign, the client is never truly taking a risk with their marketing budget when trying to stand out! Disruption doesn’t necessarily mean embracing chaos. Instead of blindly chasing the latest fads, focus on strategic disruption. Analyse your industry, identify gaps in the market, and then look at unconventional but calculated approaches. A well-thought-out disruption will make much more of an impact than a chaotic attempt to outshine your competitors.

In the quest to stand out, consistency often takes a back seat. However, maintaining a consistent brand presence across channels helps build recognition. It’s vital that your brand has a strong and distinct voice. Make sure that everything your brand puts online is sending the same messages and following the same morals. From the colours, the fonts, the wording, the layout. An easily recognisable brand will instantly stand out to its customers.

While the marketing landscape may be crowded with disruptive endeavours right now, the path to standing out is simple with the thoughtful execution of strategies that align with your brand’s essence. Strategic disruption, clean, classic marketing methods, and brand consistency form the pillars of a strong marketing approach that can hold its own and make your brand’s voice heard in even the most chaotic of seas.

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