After receiving funding, Box Broadband had a goal for a number of houses to be connected. We assisted them in all their marketing needs, being their marketing team that they could depend on for all their marketing needs.


The collaborative nature of an external marketing team can help drive the goals and direction of a company which is what Clockwise has done for Box Broadband. Our full team of marketing professionals and designers worked closely with everyone in Box Broadband, from the CEO, technical team, an in-house marketing coordinator and customer support.

We were tasked with targeting new areas in Surrey. This included a refresh of the website, brand guidelines, social media marketing and designing collateral such as leaflets and van wraps. During the time working with Box Broadband, they had added the addition on TV to their offering which we helped with a soft launch.


Working closely with the CEO and marketing coordinator, we decided on a refresh of the brand, keeping the bold colours and use of people but making it stand out more. In this brand refresh, we designed new brand guidelines and introduced the addition of a chatbot onto the website. Their social media was also taken on as they had little to no presence on socials. We also set aside one big budget to go towards their collateral.


  • Marketing Strategy: We developed a marketing strategy for Box Broadband which included as much information as we needed about personas and how the marketing should look going forward.
  • Brand Refresh: We kept with the current branding but wanted to make it more visually exciting. The colours on the website and collateral were changed and we updated and added pages to the website.
  • Postcode Advertising: We targeted specific postcodes that Box Broadband had provided us with. These were done on socials as well as google search.
  • Landing Pages: We set up landing pages for each area that Box Broadband were targeting.
  • Social Media Management: We posted three times a week on all social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn).
  • Social Media Campaigns: We put together 12 days of Christmas Campaign where each day there was a tip, a competition or a printout.
  • SEO: We did some basic SEO on the website.
  • Blogs: We produced one blog a week.
  • Leaflets & Posters: We designed and printed leaflets and posters for each area as well as some more general areas.
  • Van wrap design: We designed the van wrap for their fleet.
  • Emails: Designed and sent out emails to existing customers once a month, with the addition of others when needed.
  • Team training: We trained the customer service team to use the chatbot we had integrated onto the website as well as the marketing coordinator in some areas of marketing.


  • 5,040.1% increase in impressions on socials
  • 7,620.5% increase in engagements
  • 27,054.5% increase in link clicks
  • Grew their audience by 244 people
  • Launched their website refresh
  • 988% increase in visits to the site from socials
  • 30,600% increase in visits to the site from paid socials


Having an external marketing team assisting a marketing individual in a company with all their marketing needs is a great way to get everything you need under one roof. Using a team like Clockwise, aids in having a more specialised marketing style as we can use each individuals’ skills in different ways. From the creative concepts, campaigns, collateral design, and website development, we were depended on to get these elements right for the customer they were trying to target.


We find clients are always happier when they can see where their money’s going and what it’s going to deliver. Our strategic approach to marketing gives them that clarity of purpose and helps to define the goals of your marketing spend and what that spend will be. A good strategic plan saves time and money and delivers a better outcome. Win. Win. Win.


If you’re ready to commit, or you just want a few more answers first, click the button and let’s start talking.