iSEE Medical has been built by a busy team of clinicians who were looking to update and modernise their existing website that didn’t fit the bill for the client’s needs.


iSEE were looking for a quick and easy way of getting their brand seen and the products noticed. We were asked to help deliver this project, from website redevelopment and design visuals, all the way to targeted content for their customers.

Our team of experts ensured that every step of this project was well-thought-out and done with precision. We began by producing an extensive website strategy and plan to ensure that everything we delivered fit our client’s needs and vision. This also involved an interview with the main director of the business helping us produce only the best content and visuals for the website that showcases their product, putting their customers’ needs at the forefront, thus meeting our clients’ needs.

Working closely with the founder and main director of iSEE Medical Solutions, this project was hugely collaborative. The results? A fantastic redevelopment of the website that is modern and focuses on the client’s overall vision.


At the core of this website redevelopment project was a precise and informative website strategy and plan. The client wanted to reflect the solution-driven products for the industry whilst making the website modern yet informative. With this in place, we were able to complete the following:

  • Website Strategy: We developed a strong website development strategy allowing us to maximise our delivery strengths whilst minimising limitations and potential hurdles along the way.
  • Plan-of-action: Having developed a strong strategy, we were able to create a foolproof plan with an effective and efficient time frame.
  • Website design and development: We designed the whole website from start to finish, with consistency in mind – ensuring that the website is the perfect reflection of the business and its products.
  • Design visuals: In order to attract the customer and beat the competition, our team of designers created visuals that best represented the company and its industry whilst ensuring that the brand identity remains consistent throughout.
  • Animated graphics: We designed various graphics that showcased the products alongside animated graphics which provided further detailed insights to explain the products.
  • Targeted content: To put it simply, targeted content means better acquisition and in turn, better results. We ensured that every page’s content is fully optimised, keeping in mind not only the customer but also search engines, ensuring full optimisation throughout.


  • Launched a successful new website
  • Positive feedback from employees and customers of iSEE
  • Increased targeted traffic acquisition
  • Consistent look and feel for the brand throughout the website


Utilising Clockwise Marketing for this project was important for the client due to its overall scale as well as their lack of time. With many touchpoints to execute, having the strategy and all design elements managed in one place meant that communication was smooth and simple and results were efficient. The collaboration and delivery of work from our team of website developers and designers has resulted in this website development being a huge success for the client.


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