Law firm, Morr & Co was looking to rebrand following their recent mergers with two other firms. They were looking for a rebrand to better reflect the unification of all three brands and demonstrate their shared values. We were asked to assist throughout the project, from the re-naming and brand visuals, through to delivery of collateral.


Morr & Co (formerly Morrisons Solicitors) were looking to re-brand themselves, following their recent mergers with Harrops and Hepburn Solicitors and Wheelers Solicitors. Clockwise Marketing assisted them from start to finish, from the re-naming process to delivering branded collateral for a range of touchpoints.

Throughout the project, our team worked on various design elements including: the logo, the brand’s overall look and feel, office signage and stationery (and more), as well as a strategic post-launch campaign for paid and organic social media.

Working closely with their Marketing and Business Development Director, this project was hugely collaborative. The results? A fantastic re-brand that unites the firm and demonstrates Morr & Co as modern and forward-thinking.


At the core of this re-branding project is the re-naming. The client wanted to reflect both their nearly-300-year history as well as the unification of all three firms with one name. A big ask but our team collaborated and produced just that. With this in place, we were able to complete the following:


  • Brand look and feel: We developed a new look and feel for the brand, using strong colours to modernise whilst keeping it professional.
  • Brand story: The firm has a lot of history, so we found a way to tell this story – the messaging of which ran consistently throughout the project to unite the brand in all touchpoints.
  • Print ads: We designed print ads for various publications, able to meet tight deadlines as they came up.
  • Video production: We produced a series of animated videos to reflect the re-brand for use on several platforms.
  • Office signage: With eight offices requiring new signage, we produced both internal and external signage for each office.
  • Stationery: We designed various stationery pieces, including letterheads, folders, document templates.
  • Business cards: Getting creative with the brand concept, we created some physical business cards that can be joined together to form a larger design. We also designed some digital business cards to be more eco-conscious.
  • Roller banners: We designed several roller banners for use in the client’s reception areas and at events.
  • Van wrap design: To keep the van in line with the rest of the new brand, we update the van wrap design.
  • Social media campaign plan & management: Following the launch of the re-brand, we prepared and executed a successful social media campaign.
  • Paid social campaign: To reinforce the re-brand messaging, we also ran a paid social campaign on Facebook and LinkedIn.


  • Launched successful re-brand
  • Positive feedback from employees and customers of Morr & Co
  • 443% increase in site traffic from social media since re-brand
  • Over 27,000 people reached using paid social


Utilising Clockwise Marketing for this project was hugely beneficial for the client due to its overall scale. With many touch points to execute, having the strategy and all design elements managed in one place meant that communication was smooth and simple. The collaboration and delivery of work from our team of branding experts and designers, has resulted in this rebranding campaign being a huge success.


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