We were approached by Panasonic TOUGHBOOK with an idea of using Account-Based Marketing (ABM) within their next campaign to gain eight new accounts for their Utility sales team.


While ABM is not a new concept, but it has recently experienced a resurgence due to a change in how people are reacting to marketing, you need to engage in an active dialogue and ABM lets you do that with unparalleled precision. The implementation of an ABM strategy can help improve marketing ROI, drive attributed revenue, generate more conversions and qualified leads, and align sales with marketing.

Panasonic Connect TOUGHBOOK provided us with eight named accounts which we researched at a high level. We identified key individuals within these accounts and using multiple social media platforms, we built personas within these key accounts. Taking the information we gathered, we then created three different types of strategies: Campaign, Account and Individual.


Within all three strategies we created, LinkedIn played a large role in how we targeted these accounts. The aim was to target the subconscious. TOUGHBOOK would be everywhere they looked. This campaign is run over a 12 month period.

  • Constant visibility to these individuals we had identified. We engaged with posts, had paid ads running, sent in-mails and made sure we were on their newsfeed at all times.
  • Highly targeted Advertising on LinkedIn to each account and individual using the key accounts and roles within the business.
  • Bespoke content creation is directed at each individuals’ interests. This included social posts and thought leadership pieces.
  • LinkedIn messages inviting them to events by Panasonic
  • Emails sent out asking for engagement and identifying these individuals as thought leaders
  • Coffee and Chat invitations to persuade a meeting


  • We have seen each key account browsing through the landing page with many clicks through from the emails and paid campaigns on LinkedIn
  • 86 click-throughs from the ads on an extremely targeted campaign (target accounts & individuals only)
  • 6 responses on LinkedIn
  • 1 key account landed within the first 2 months
  • 2 Accounts are in talks with the sales team
  • 1 account has reached out


Personalising the buyer’s journey and tailoring all communications, content, and campaigns to those specific accounts you’ll see a greater ROI and a boost in customer loyalty.

By engaging with the sales team and allowing them to be part of the process, we found that it was a lot more streamlined, and they were able to use the research we had given them to engage with the accounts themselves.

ABM has proven to be a successful marketing method when trying to find more accounts to take through the sales process. People are so aware of how marketing works these days that being able to work with them rather than at them has been an important step in this sales process.



We find clients are always happier when they can see where their money’s going and what it’s going to deliver. Our strategic approach to marketing gives them that clarity of purpose and helps to define the goals of your marketing spend and what that spend will be. A good strategic plan saves time and money and delivers a better outcome. Win. Win. Win.


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