Soul Intent is an e-commerce start-up offering a crystal subscription box designed to support natural growth through the seasons. Their purpose is to provide an accessible introduction to crystals, energies and meditation. To do so, they provide a range of tools and techniques to encourage a sense of awareness in these subject matters.


Soul Intent’s subscription boxes grew from a desire to encourage the guidance of thoughts in a crystal clear way. The 21st century has a record high of mental illnesses and with the ever changing social media environment, many people struggle to unplug from the digital world. With this in mind, the Soul Intent boxes have been designed to strengthen, resolve and heighten relaxation, and help find clarity and solutions to tasks and challenges that may seem overwhelming.


Business owner, Elizabeth Espin came to us with a clear vision of starting a business to support and guide others towards self-healing, self-understanding and connection to a greater sense of being. We were contracted to ‘build the soul’ of her start-up by developing her name, brand and website. Off the back of this work, we were asked to step-up as her Marketing Manager to help build her reputation and online presence.


    We met with Elizabeth over zoom to get an understanding of her expectations and goals. From there, we went through a three phase naming process followed by logo and brand design. To represent the client’s South African background, we agreed on designing the logo around the beautiful protea flower which happens to be the national flower of SA.

    Once the brand had been approved, we went into developing the website focusing on personalised content, appealing visuals and other stylish elements. Subsequently, we proposed an on-going digital plan to grow her brand and to date we’re writing blogs, posting on social media and running digital advertising campaigns on her behalf. Our team is working closely with Elizabeth to ensure her ‘authentic message’ is being mediated on her social channels and we’re constantly testing new techniques and tools to optimise the performance of our campaigns.

    We report on the progress of our efforts in monthly marketing reports where we look at website analytics and overall digital performance.

    Services completed for Soul Intent to date include:-

    • Developed Digital Marketing Strategy & Plan
    • Naming & Branding
    • Website Development
    • Brand Assets
    • Content Writing
    • SEO
    • Organic Social Media
    • Paid Social Media
    • Analytics and Reporting


    As a team we named Soul Intent and were able to give the brand a distinctive logo and website to reflect Elizabeth’s vision and values.

    Clockwise has been an integral part of my new business set up. I was pleasantly surprised by their willingness to jump on board and get involved from the get go. More importantly, their ability to listen, ask the correct questions and develop a brand that was true to my heart was exceptional. The advice, expertise, design, help and support has been paramount to my businesses development and growth. Clockwise holds a high standard of integrity and performance.

    Elizabeth Espin,


    A name might not make or break your business but it is worth giving careful consideration. For example, is it original? Is it memorable? Does it suit your product or service? Is the domain name available? Do you like it? We’ve devised a practical process for helping clients name their businesses and products.


    If you’re ready to commit, or you just want a few more answers first, click the button and let’s start talking.