The Good Wine Shop is a small, independent wine retailer based in London. The company was founded in 2015 by two wine enthusiasts who wanted to share their love of wine with others. They sell a wide variety of wines from around the world, and they offer wine tastings and other events. This year, The Good Wine Shop decided to partner with Clockwise Marketing to help increase brand awareness and sales.


The Good Wine Shop is a reputable wine retailer with physical stores in London. They partnered up with Clockwise Marketing to elevate their digital presence and improve customer engagement through social media and email marketing. The objective was to increase brand awareness, customer retention, and revenue growth by implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy over a three-month period.
Clockwise Marketing developed a social media and email marketing strategy that was tailored to The Good Wine Shop’s target audience. 


Over the course of three months, Clockwise Marketing collaborated with The Good Wine Shop UK to transform its social media and email marketing campaigns. The core services provided during this period were social media marketing and email marketing.

The focus was on the creation of three engaging (and on-brand) social media posts per week, designed to showcase the variety of wines, promote special offers, and educate followers on wine-related to pics. Supported by the execution of two targeted Instagram ad campaigns with the goal of gaining new customers or sign-ups.

When it came to email marketing, Clockwise developed a strategy that included two informative email campaigns per week, focused on exclusive offers and new product releases.


Clockwise Marketing’s social media and email marketing strategy for The Good Wine Shop was a success. In the three months after implementation, we saw a significant increase in brand awareness and sales.

Here are some of the key results:

Increased Social Media Engagement:

  • The Good Wine Shop experienced a 30% increase in overall social media engagement (likes, comments, shares) during the three-month collaboration period compared to the previous period.

Enhanced Email Performance:

  • Open Rates: Email open rates rose by 22%, indicating that the new email design and content captured the attention of subscribers more effectively.
  • Click-Through Rates: The click-through rates improved by 18%, demonstrating that the content and offers provided in the emails were more compelling and engaging.
  • Subscriber Growth: The Good Wine Shop’s email subscriber list expanded by over 400 new subscribers during the three months, allowing for a broader reach for future marketing campaigns.

Improved Instagram Ads Performance:

  • The two Instagram ad campaigns run during the collaboration period reached over 9,000 targeted users in SW London, resulting in 250 conversions (purchases or sign-ups).
  • The ads showcased the wine shop’s offerings and promotions, effectively driving potential customers to take action.

Decrease in Bounce Rate:

  • The most significant achievement during the collaboration was a substantial decrease in the website’s bounce rate. Clockwise Marketing’s efforts led to a 40% reduction in the bounce rate, indicating improved user engagement and website navigation.


A well-executed strategy for social media and email marketing proved to be effective for The Good Wine Shop with results visible within just 3 months of implementation.

Clockwise Marketing’s collaboration with The Good Wine Shop significantly improved their digital engagement and marketing efforts. The strategic implementation of social media and email marketing campaigns resulted in increased audience interaction, higher open and click-through rates, and a growing subscriber base. Notably, the 40% reduction in the website’s bounce rate showcased the positive impact of Clockwise Marketing’s approach in capturing and retaining visitor interest.

By effectively leveraging social media and email marketing, The Good Wine Shop was able to strengthen its online presence, foster customer loyalty, and drive sales growth in the competitive wine retail industry.


A well-planned and executed content marketing strategy is an excellent way to engage with your target audience. This should be woven through all communications to ensure a cohesive brand message at all times.


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