Filtrex is a company that has been focused on purifying the indoor environments for over 60 years. They approached us for a marketing strategy with the focus on using PPC alongside other marketing strategies to grow brand awareness and generate more sales.


Filtrex has been seeking to increase brand awareness and website traffic as well as generate more leads. Whilst they hold a strong stand within the industry already, it was time to place themselves as the leaders of the air filtration sector. That’s where Clockwise stepped in, using Paid Search within their marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and generate new leads through specific targeting.

Throughout the project, our team of experts went through intensive research and analysis to put Filtrex ahead of its competition and reach its desired demographic. Our efforts didn’t stop there – through the use of Google Ads and LinkedIn, we filtered through the noise and reached a larger audience to get the perfect results.

Speaking of results, our efforts received a whopping 3,600 website visits over the 10-month period, and over 200 conversions were made, most of which were phone calls directly to Filtrex. Along with this, since the start of the campaign, the ads have been placed in front of over 400,000 people.


At the core of any Paid Search campaign is the strategic research and analysis to determine the ultimate approach that will be the most effective and drive the best results. Our team of marketing specialists ensure that every single aspect of the campaign is researched, analysed and well thought-out. With this structure in place, we were able to complete the following:

  • Gain insight into target audience: Gaining knowledge of Filtrex’s demographic allowed us to reach key decision-makers that would ultimately generate more leads
  • Discover search term keywords: Analysis of specific key terms allowed us to discover keywords that would generate the most impressions and reach the desired audience – influencing them to visit the website and gain more insight into Filtrex’s products.
  • Search ads: Running monthly search ads allowed us to increase Filtrex’s website visits including new and returning visitors which, in turn, led to more enquiries and new potential customers
  • Video ads: We designed informative and promotional ads for various social media platforms, allowing us to continue growing brand awareness and building a community. As well as, influencing individuals to visit the website and explore various products and services.
  • Paid social campaign: To continue generating more website visitors and reaching a larger audience, we also ran several paid social campaigns on LinkedIn.
  • Monthly analysis: We conducted monthly reports of our paid search activity, ensuring that our efforts are reaching our desired goals and objectives. 


  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased impression rates and website traffic, generating more leads
  • Over 400,000 people reached using PPC
  • Over 200 conversions


Utilising Clockwise Marketing for this project was hugely beneficial for the client due to its overall success. Our team of experts ensured that every element of the PPC campaign was thoroughly thought-out and analysed, resulting in hugely successful PPC campaigns for the client.



PPC campaigns provide success to not one, not two but three well-defined goals: awareness, conversion and engagement. In the era of digital marketing, Paid Search is the perfect addition to your online advertisement for specialised targeting and an exceptional results 


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