Fixfast specialises in the manufacture and supply of fasteners and components for flat roofs, façades and rainscreens. For the last few years we have designed the company’s stand at the RCI Show, always looking for ways to improve its stand-out qualities in a crowded marketplace.


For this year’s RCI Show, Fixfast asked us to design a stand that would create a big impact, build on the brand and reflect the company’s growing stature in the market. With 7m x 7m by a height of 6m to work with, it needed to show off the whole Fixfast product range and have a meeting room area that was open to view. Reusability was also important: the stand needed to incorporate plinths we had designed for a previous show and to be reusable for the 2019 RCI Show.

  • Services completed for Fixfast include:-
    Exhibition design


We delivered a stand that would last for two years and really stood out from the crowd. It attracted good traffic and gave Fixfast the opportunity to meet and talk to prospects in comfort and style.

The stand Clockwise designed this year really punched above its weight. I was very happy with the way it reflected the brand and it was also well received by other exhibitors, one of whom said it was the best stand at the show.

Mike Napthine, Marketing Manager, Fixfast


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