MindMics, an innovative MedTech startup, reached out to Clockwise Marketing to enhance its brand identity and establish a strong digital presence. With the goal of positioning themselves as industry leaders, MindMics sought Clockwise Marketing’s expertise in developing a strong and cohesive brand that would resonate with their target audience and drive engagement.


MindMics is a forward-thinking MedTech startup, designed to revolutionise the well-being landscape with its groundbreaking infrasonic sound technology and stress-management app. Recognising the significance of branding in building trust and creating differentiation, MindMics approached Clockwise Marketing to develop a comprehensive strategy that would elevate its brand identity and strengthen its digital presence. Clockwise Marketing collaborated closely with MindMics to craft a strategic approach that aligned with its vision and objectives.


Clockwise Marketing adopted a collaborative approach, working closely with the MindMics team to gain a deep understanding of their technology, brand, target audience, and goals. Through intensive research and discussions, Clockwise Marketing identified key elements that would shape MindMics’ branding strategy, focusing primarily on its website and social media platforms. The objective was to create a seamless and captivating brand experience across these channels, establishing MindMics as a credible and influential player in the MedTech industry through its brand identity. Key Components of the Strategy:  
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Website Redesign
  • Social Media Branding
  • Content Strategy
  • Market and Audience Research


  • Website Redesign: Clockwise Marketing undertook the transformation of MindMics’ website, aiming to make it visually striking and reflective of the brand’s identity, utilising consistent branding elements to ensure a seamless brand experience for website visitors. Strategic emphasis was placed on engaging content, compelling visuals, and user-friendly navigation to create a captivating user journey. The result? Site traffic increased by 21% and site engagement was up by 22%.
  • BBC Storyworks Launch: In conjunction with MindMics’ BBC Storyworks series launch, centred around ‘Technology’s Golden Age’ and its positive impact, we crafted engaging content for the website and social media, utilising clips and interviews from the series. We also set up a series of targeted Facebook Ads to amplify their reach.
  • Brand book: To ensure that their brand identity was carried out consistently throughout all their marketing efforts and the website, we curated a brand book that clearly states all the ‘rules’ of the overall brand identity – this includes typography, colour palette, imagery, and designs.
  • Social Media Branding: To extend MindMics’ new brand identity further, we revamped their social media channels and started posting engaging and relevant content, accompanied by visually appealing graphics in order to help establish MindMics as an authoritative voice in the industry. Not only did this improve their brand recognition, but also improved audience engagement by 306.7%, and community growth by 20.2%.


Our collaboration with MindMics was hugely successful, resulting in the implementation of an effective and cohesive brand identity and digital presence. The redesigned website effectively conveyed MindMics’ brand story, generating interest in their upcoming product, and the revamped social media presence aligned with the brand’s identity, positioning MindMics as a thought leader and driving improved engagement. With an effective marketing strategy in place, we were able to successfully create a brand book that seamlessly ensured brand recognition and consistency, generating a growing digital presence for a successful product and BBC Storyworks’ Consumer Technology Association series launch. All these components combined have aided the build of MindMics’ brand identity and brand recognition amongst their target audience, building momentum for their product launch, and beyond.


We find clients are always happier when they can see where their money’s going and what it’s going to deliver. Our strategic approach to marketing gives them that clarity of purpose and helps to define the goals of your marketing spend and what that spend will be. A good strategic plan saves time and money and delivers a better outcome. Win. Win. Win.


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